Golden Spring

One of the loveliest things about living on Vancouver Island is the fact that the sun comes back early. The ground is soft, the grass green, the sky so blue. Already, I’ve developed an awkward tan through the mesh on my yoga pants. The past few days in the sun have done wonders for pulling me through the end of a long semester.


And yet, I’m reminded that even this temperate climate is changing. Already, BC is experiencing forest fires. Technically, we are in a drought period. It becomes difficult to enjoy the beautiful weather when I stop to think about the unseen cost. We are extraordinarily lucky in North America that our climate change experience is not very severe.

And so,  as I take in our beautiful spring, blue, green, and gold, I also keep in mind that our world is changing. The landscapes we love, the ocean that gives us our mild days, are threatened.

The recent student climate strikes have given me such hope that my generation will enact real change in the coming years. We know what it is we face, and we know what we stand to lose.





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