And Winter Came to Victoria

The jury is out on whether the snow is beautiful or a massive hindrance. UVic declared a snow day and I have time to catch up on my reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic (just kidding, I avoid math like the plague). I also had time to take my camera out which is a rare luxury mid-semester. Ironically, reading break comes around next week so we get even more time off (if, by time off you mean write sixteen papers). It’s a good time to be productive and to rest.

I don’t have a lot of experience shooting in winter settings because it typically doesn’t snow in Victoria. I really enjoy the powerful gray lighting; its gloomy in a tingly sort of way.


Snow is also nostalgic for me because I grew up in Calgary. I’ve had a bit of distance and can now appreciate it again! I love the effect of snow and ice on greenery, the contrast is striking and a little sad. It speaks to the persistence of growing things, even in the face of adversity.

I selfishly love the way that so many people stay home when it snows. The pathways that are usually busy and distracted are empty and still. There is time and space to breathe and marvel at the force of nature over society. A long walk on the Songhees side of the Victoria Harbour brought me to a pair of sea otters rolicking in the snow. They are amazing animals, perfectly comfortable in the chill, fluid in every movement. Otters have a remarkable natural symmetry in the way that they move and twine together.  I felt honoured to witness them.

Whether the weather is incomparable or inconvenient, it is here to be experienced. The Earth is not here for our convenience and it serves us to be humbled by it now and then. I am humbled, and I am grateful for the world around me.



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